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 »Autoportrait »

« Autoportrait » –  Collage



My route:

Although having always liked painting or drawing, I actively dedicated myself to the painting in 1991; while exercising an another  part-time profession. I had regularly exhibitions in Lorraine of which I am native, but also in Germany and in the Netherlands. I began then the creation of various series, abstract or not representational which were often borrowed from the urban architecture.

During my installation in Normandy in 2010, I chose to be professional artist full-time ( registered on « La Maison des Artistes » ).

Since then, I have the sensation that takes place a real artistic progress.It takes place thanks to a work of continuity of the series already approached previously, but with maybe more intensity.

The series, inspired by the light, the stones, the spaces and the incredible sky of Normandy thus naturally emerged, ( » Grey Sky « , » Normandy « , » Blue Sky », » White Rectangle « , » Sky « ) and which are revealing of my look on my  environment.

Then, by working on the series  » White Rectangle « , was imperative little by little an other series:  » Safes and Boxes « , in 2013. It is a reflection on the memory, the forgetting, the souvenir..

In 2012 I created an entitled series « Arromanches », inspired by the pontoons of the 2nd world war and which make the fame of this coastal city, figure of the Landing.

I also leave in my section « Gallery » a track of the series  » After the war  » .It was shown only  once, in Germany.It redraws a darker chapter of the contemporary History and began with the entitled picture  » Nice Little Blue Dress  » when the civil war burst ( ex ) Yugoslavia there.

In parallel exist other works, small formats, accessible now in my new studio in Bayeux, near the Cathedral, in the Historic Center of my town.

In hope to see you soon


The Studio  » Atelier d’Artiste  »                                   1 rue de la Juridiction/Bayeux

When you have your back to the cathedral, go at your right, and it is just there , in the beginning of the road between the restaurants  » Le Petit Resto » and  »Chez Paulette  »



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